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Coronavirus - July 31 - Weekly update

Robust processes will deliver when the markets are ready

My final update in the current series is being written on the hottest day with temperatures soaring to 37.8C and people flocking to the beaches, according to Sky News.

The escalation in temperature is not only confined to the weather, news flows this week have highlighted once again the sensitivity and fine balances that surround global markets.As we walk further into the summer holidays, the cautious mood deepens, one eye on the spike in the Coronavirus and the other watching the ongoing rhetoric in the US as we advance on the long and agonising run up to their election.

Here in the UK, the FTSE 100 Index finished down this week, breaking the glass floor of 6,000.The more robust FTSE 250 Index fared better, often seen as greater barometer of “UK Plc”.

Please download our weekly update for more commentary.

31st-july-2020-dwm-update.pdf 155KB