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Final Update of 2020 - 23rd December 2020

Welcome to our final communication for 2020

To say this year has been challenging would be somewhat of an understatement.Obviously due to the far reaching impact of the coronavirus and the speed at which we all had to react and continue to keep up with events that followed, it has been one exceptional year.

I cannot remember a 12 month period where I have monitored news channels and read through publications with such ongoing intensity.I am sure we have all needed to become experts in our own right to decode the ongoing flow of information within our family units, but there is no doubt the Christmas break will provide some well earned rest and relaxation.This shouldn’t be too hard to do, given the restrictions and limitations imposed on us by Boris.

Please download our update for our final commentary of 2020.

23rd-december-2020-dwm-update.pdf 294KB